5 July, 2020

The HPM System

Hydroponics is a much more effective system in many places than the conventional soil system has been known for a long time. However, even in the conventional hydroponic system (where the assembly is carried out with benches separated by corridors), the management by the greenhouses leads to excessive time spent and facilitates problems such as contamination of plants and ergonomics during work.

The HPM System or Mobile Profile System aims to facilitate management and increase hydroponic production. It was designed to have a larger number of plants in the same area and more agility in handling, harvesting, replacing seedlings, cleaning the profiles all in the same area as the greenhouse, which consequently ends up increasing production, due to time savings running these processes.

It uses a single central corridor, with a suitable structure or cart, which moves through tracks fixed to the floor, made for the movement of the profiles. The benches are transversal and arranged from 3.5 to 3.8 meters, ideal for hydro good agricultural greenhouses from 7 to 8 meters wide. This system allows more to be planted per square meter and the producer has an increase of up to 20% to 50% in his production with the same area.

Discover the advantages of the HPM the Conventional System




Distance to harvest point

Easy, fast and dynamic harvesting

Non-ergonomic posture

100% ergonomic work

Boxes close to the plantation, increasing the likelihood of fungi and bacteria

Boxes away from the plantation, preventing the entry of fungi and bacteria

Replant cannot be fractionated, generating still tables

Seedlings in ideal size for transplant, without standing tables

Plant stress when transplanted

Harvest and transplant in the same instant, without stress to the plant

Handling in multiple places, longer operating time

All handling is done in one place, less operating time

Longer profiles

Smaller profiles

Waste on the greenhouse floor

No residue on the greenhouse floor

Hygiene on the countertops themselves

Ergonomic cleaning off the counter in an appropriate place

Hydroponic Unit Manufacturer is exclusive and differentiated

The HPM system, is the fastest and most functional system currently for hydroponic production.

We produces and develops technology in everything for Hydroponics: from the nursery, polypropylene profiles, galvanized steel greenhouses, fertilizers and all the necessary equipment for hydroponics. The development of the HPM System was done thinking exclusively about the practicality of the handling and the increase of production with the same area of ​​the conventional system.

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