27 January, 2021

About us

What do we specialize in?

Specialized in the manufacture of Agricultural Greenhouses, equipment for Hydroponics, Irrigation and Fertilizers, it offers solutions ranging from the project to the final production, with quality products resulting from experiences and partnerships with universities and research bodies, in addition to customers they produce with our products from the beginning.

Our effort of practical and academic work, generated products created and developed to meet the demand of customers who already work with horticulture and of those who wish to enter this promising market still very lacking in technology.

The intense exchange of technology has led to the creation of specific products for the hydroponic market, such as polypropylene profiles, totally non-toxic, free of heavy metals, unpublished and patented. The result: an  NFT system for hydroponic cultivation, exceptionally simple handling and high productivity. In addition, models of Agricultural Greenhouses for different types of production and climate, fertilizers, substrate irrigation products, countertop accessories, panels and a wide range of products. We still stands out not only in the manufacture of specific products, but also provides customers with extensive technical assistance in the implementation and cultivation of various vegetables, courses, projects at no cost, consulting services and others.

We receive visitors from all over the world and abroad who come in search of quality technology and low cost.