27 January, 2021

Working with Marijuana: Business in the Cannabis Market

Working with marijuana legally in a real cannabis market, which can also be called the cannabis industry, was unimaginable in the 1980s worldwide. In the 90s and 2000s it was already possible to work with some products for consumption, but the repression was huge, as was the beginning of our blog and the first marijuana marches in the country. But today, with more and more countries regularizing the plant, and consumption and trade growing and becoming more sophisticated, it is much easier to realize that dream.

The Cannabis market is generating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities worldwide. It is no different and it is already possible to work with marijuana. In addition to the production and medicinal trade being released, just look at the amount of brands and professionals connected to the plant who are literally working with marijuana. It is a vast market, with space for people of different profiles and areas of activity, but who have, in most cases, the love for the plant in common.

If you fit this profile and have also had this dream, this text is for you. Working in the Cannabis market is possible. There are job opportunities now that people often don’t even notice. And there is also the chance to invest in your own business or simply specialize to pursue a career in the cannabis industry outside the country while marijuana is not yet legalized here.

Rising numbers in the Cannabis market 

In the United States, the Cannabis market is the fastest growing among all the legal ones. Today, there are more than 243 thousand registered people working in this green industry. Not to mention informal and service providers who are often involved, but are not counted in this account. Because to work, a market does not depend only on users, or exclusively only on them, but on professionals from different sectors. After all, they are businesses like others and that is why working with marijuana is easier.

And look, not all of these American states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. In many of them, consumption is only medicinal. According to a survey, today there are about 30 companies competing in this specific sector of medicines here. The projection is that this market will be worth billions in the coming years, just as it already happens in the United States.

If we take into account the businesses that already exist and that will become even stronger, and all that can arise with medical and recreational legalization in other countries of the world as well, the tendency is that the plant is really one of the main industries of the future, generating billions and many jobs and opportunities.

What does it take to work with marijuana?

As in any profession, to work with marijuana you need some prerequisites that will be important when your resume is evaluated, or also for your business to work.

  • Understand about marijuana.
  • Grow your own marijuana to know everything about it.
  • Meet the public users of Cannabis or patients if they work in the medical field.
  • Be professional. Although it is obvious, many people forget just because the subject is Cannabis. But that is changing.
  • Be good at what you do, no matter what. Always try to improve to work in this field.
  • Know the legislation and your rights as a user, worker or investor in the area.
  • Stay tuned to the Cannabis market worldwide.
  • Look for examples of professionals from other areas and also of success in the cannabis industry.

Headshops and growshops

This is a market that many are looking to invest in. This is because in addition to the huge variety of products for cultivation and consumption today, it is possible to have a headshop and growshops both physically and totally online. In addition, people choose to bet on these stores precisely because often their cities do not have businesses like this with various bongs, crushers, or greenhouses.

Only now that all these items for consumption and cultivation are actually becoming popular, with a large number of brands producing and distributing, which have greatly facilitated access and the possibility of undertaking in the field. However, those who do not have the money to open a headshop or growshop, but are eager to work in this area because they understand the subject can look for a space like this and offer their services showing knowledge about the subject.

As we will see below, headshops or growshops, as well as other cannabis businesses, also require professionals from another area to function more professionally like any other company.

Production of accessories for consumption and cultivation

Well, if there are these headshops and growshops selling products and accessories for consumption and cultivation, it is because there are companies making these items. And in the current Cannabis market there are many. From traditional crushers, pipes, and bongs, to LED panels, greenhouses, exhaust fans, and other equipment for small and large scale cultivation. There are also accessories for those who enjoy hashish and want to make and consume yours at home in different ways.

They are large companies / brands and other smaller ones that work in the production of all this before reaching the retailers in stores or the final consumer. These pieces also come from people with different skills for their manufacture, and also involve professionals from different areas until they are properly registered and marketed. All of this is allowed l because although they are used for something related to Cannabis, they do not involve the plant.

Medical cannabis

As we said earlier, the legal medical cannabis market is already underway. This is because the plant for these purposes is already allowed in the vast majority of countries, and in USA the production and trade of medicines are already released. This is a great opportunity for those who want to work with marijuana and have training in this pharmaceutical field, although it is not specifically with marijuana that will work, but in the manufacture of medicines from it.

However, the medical use of Cannabis is growing at high speed. There are more and more doctors from different areas of health specializing in the subject to become a reference in prescription or even in studies regarding the benefits of these drugs and the plant in diseases.

The search for access to medical cannabis may also involve lawyers, as well as this process of opening these companies. They can also count on agronomy and cultivation professionals many times when the production of both the plant with high content of CBD, as well as medicines, is in the same place. Not to mention all the sectors that involve the production of these drugs until they reach those who need them.

Another sector linked to the health area is cosmetics, which is also being influenced by the benefits of Cannabis. In legalized countries it is possible to find different creams and body oils infused with marijuana. Because it is a plant full of medicinal properties, it has proved to be a great help for the skin.


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