27 January, 2021
How to extract seeds from the marijuana plant

How to extract seeds from the marijuana plant

Achieving a certain level of experience as a cultivator implies, among other things, the desire to face new challenges. By now you already have such extensive knowledge of marijuana cultivation and what it entails that you will probably start to get bitten by worms with experiments that go beyond trying a certain type of fertilizer, an irrigation system or a method of lighting.

One of the most common steps when you have already mastered all these types of techniques is to bet on creating your own seed bank with the best samples from your previous harvests. Obtaining your own cannabis seeds is a process that requires some skill but that will allow you to always have a reserve with the best of your crops to replant and enjoy your favorite marijuana varieties in the future.

The generation of marijuana seeds

In theory the process is very simple. There are male marijuana plants and female marijuana plants. Both have flowers (buds) with a very similar morphology, only the females are the only ones that are provided with seeds prepared to be pollinated by the males.

What difference is there between a crop from which we want to obtain seeds and one from which we do not? The difference is abysmal. In a crop exclusively intended for harvesting, you will have already taken good care of eliminating male plants to avoid pollination of females. When the females are not pollinated, they maintain a flowering process that usually lasts between 6 and 10 weeks in which the plant is filled with those juicy and aromatic buds that you will end up smoking after the harvest.

However, when there are seeds in the bud, they give a quite unpleasant flavor to the joint that you want to smoke and you will have to keep them apart. That is why it is so important to start the male plants from the harvest as soon as you identify them, as we have already seen in other entries in this blog.

But if you want to save seeds of your favorite varieties for future harvests, you need to go through this pollination process and, therefore, there will have to be a male prowling your females. What you can do, experimentally and to avoid having to subject your entire plantation to this trance, is to set aside two specimens, a male and a female, for a few days, to ensure that pollination occurs and then kill the male.

It is all a question of marijuana genetics

With what we have already seen, the obvious has become clear to you, that to obtain your own marijuana seeds you need parents. Our recommendation is that you take your time when making this selection because, after all, the quality of the seeds you obtain and your future crops depends. So here are some things you should look at when choosing who mom and dad are going to be:

The most robust and resistant plants.The ones that have taken root more quickly.Those that offer a better response to light.The ones that germinated before.Those that showed the greatest flowering, either female or male.

Whether it is your first experience in the extraction of your own marijuana seeds for future harvests or if you have already carried out this process previously, you should know that the crosses of pure varieties are not highly recommended. It is always better to opt for hybrids because they offer much more stability. In the long run a pure seed is weakening and to ensure its evolutionary process sooner or later you will have to cross it with another variety that is not. So if you want to save this step from the beginning, it will be much easier in the long run to maintain a stable crop.

Another aspect to consider is the type of seeds you should use. To look for the father, a regular seed is always better. You can make it a more masculine crop if you plant the seeds closer together, don’t water them excessively and use very little fertilizer. Even so, you will have to be aware of the plants that come out with a female sex or hermaphrodites. In the case of mothers, the easiest way is to resort to the already feminized seeds.

Once you have your parents selected you can let nature take its course or you can also work in the pollination process to make sure that you are going to get all the seeds you want. 

And what to do when the seed has already been pollinated?

You will notice that the pollination has been completed when you see seeds in the bud of the female that are adopting different colors. First a little greenish and tender and increasingly dry and dark.

Don’t let them dry out too long before you get them. Ideally, let the flowers ripen a bit and then cut the buds with the seeds and dry them separately.

From 2 months you will be able to plant those cannabis seeds, but until then you will have to store them in a dark and dry place, at a stable temperature around 10 degrees. In the right conditions, well-preserved seeds can last up to 7 years before planting, although it is most common to do so for two years after extraction.


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