27 January, 2021
What is the best marijuana seeds in 2020?

What is the best marijuana seeds in 2020?

All of them have received numerous prizes and awards throughout their existence and here, from Ganesh Grow,  backed by more than three decades of experience, we want to inform you a little about what is breaking when it comes to marijuana, both in consumption and when growing.

First of all, dear readers, clarify that the order in which we present the different varieties below is completely random, and no, it is not a top, since each person is a world when it comes to tastes and there are many of us who enjoy the wonders of cannabis. All of them have received numerous prizes and awards throughout their existence and here, from Ganesh Grow, backed by more than three decades of experience, we want to inform you a little about what is breaking when it comes to marijuana, both in consumption and when growing. Without further delay, let’s begin.



Whether you are an expert in the field or a mere hobbyist, you have surely heard of this mythical variety. It is a cross between several types of skunks and the big Big Bud, thus achieving the perfect hybridization with a medium THC and CBD degree. Of course the boys from Dinafem embroidered it, it is an all-terrain herb, both for consumption, bringing out the best of the sativa and indica parts of the plant, and for cultivation. It is one of the most popular and recommended varieties, with one of the fastest blooms  (around 50 days) and easy to use for novices.

Here at Ganesh Grow we do not doubt that obtaining this variety, and a little prior advice, you will have total success in your cultivation.


We continue with another classic, this time nothing more and nothing less than the great white whale, born in Amsterdam, the result of a crossing of  White Widow and Haze, and tamed by Dinafem today. The name already has to tell us something, we are not going to consume something soft, I have seen more than one fall before 3 or 4 shots of this monster, the psychoactive capacity of this genotype is really strong. The internationality of this sperm whale is also highly influenced by its success in cultivation. Its main characteristic is its massive production, both indoors and outdoors, where authentic trees have been obtained in the latter. A synonym of power and size in every rule.

If you are one of those who like to enjoy the entire process of plant development, from Ganesh Grow we assure you that  Moby dick will surprise you.


From the hand of sweet seeds  comes this great genetics that does not disappoint consumers who are looking for one more point in the revolution counter, a powerful indica characterized by a fruity and sweet aroma, a quite noticeable effect and more if we are not very used to it. It is not necessary to take the names to the letter, this poison to the only thing that affects is stress, muscle pain and insomnia, among others, along with a strong increase in appetite, a little exploited medicinal classic, without a doubt this strain It would ruin more than one pharmacy. Green poison is perhaps not the easiest to grow, but under optimal conditions, it can surprise with very abundant harvests in a fast flowering time of 7 weeks. approximately.

At Ganesh Grow we have seen first-hand the wonders of green poison, and with our advice, you will undoubtedly be able to face all the obstacles that can arise when it comes to cultivation without any difficulty.


One of the most popular in USA and one of the queens of all the Dutch coffee shops. Already its predecessor Amnesia, it was quite a mass phenomenon and the guys from Dinafem got it right by giving us this strong sativa variety, with a very powerful effect on the mind, being able to make us forget things for a short period of time and there are many consumers who they use it therapeutically. An intense flavor and aroma that, together with its powerful psychoactive effect, you can fly with Son Goku in the cloud for a couple of hours. It is not recommended for first-time consumers, we have to be aware of the boat we are going to board before obtaining the ticket. Its development within the crop is typical of sativa varieties, with a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks and high production, being one of the most recommended for outdoor crops in Mediterranean climates.

At Ganesh Grow we are aware of the quality of our climate and many of you who are reading us live in authentic paradises for this variety, if you have any questions about how to get the most out of the climate, do not hesitate to contact us.


Surely more than one will come up with some story of an unexpectedly perfect product even for its creators. This is the case of Gorilla Glue, the result of fertilizing Diesel varieties with hermaphrodite pollen. A variety surprisingly reached one of the peaks of THC higher today, certainly a hyper hierba has been improving its genetics over recent years, many consider the most powerful grass of the world known. By cultivating this wonder, we will find an authentic jungle, completely invading all visible space if it is not pruned conscientiously, a very strong and voracious genotype, the (slight) excess of fertilizer is not a problem with this King Kong, and when it comes to getting the buds, we will understand its name, since the massive creation of resin seems like an extra strong glue to the touch. A true “Hierbon”.

From Ganesh Grow we can affirm the power of this Gorilla and there are not a few expert growers who add this variety to their achievements, obtaining more than pleasant experience and results.


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