27 January, 2021

Hydroponics mj

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a way of growing marijuana with water not as well known as the usual cultivation on land that we all know, but it is undoubtedly a new form of cultivation that will give us, if we properly serve it, a much larger and cleaner production.

F. Gerike, the creator of modern hydroponics assures us that this form of cultivation, although it may seem artificial, is totally natural since it is very similar to the life of nature and in reality is what we seek to “create life in a room”.

Aspects to always keep in mind:

In this type of cultivation we have to use water-based solutions or inert substrates such as the well-known coconut or gravel. Since these compounds do not contain all the necessary nutrients, the grower himself has to be in charge of supplying them, so he must make sure to add the right amounts without going over or running short, as excess or lack can influence the parameters of EC and PH.

Many times we do not finish deciding because we ask ourselves if it pays to make a cultivation in hydro or if there is a lot of difference in production compared to the traditional cultivation on land and that is why today at Eurogrow we are going to answer all those questions that we raise so many doubts.

In Hidroponía we offer directly to the roots the water, air and necessary nutrients so that the plants begin to grow with little effort, developing stronger, longer and more vigorous roots that allow them to eat much more and this will be noticed in their growth already They will do it much faster at the same time that we see how tremendous plants are formed in front of our eyes.

Advantages of growing marijuana in hydro

Among the main advantages we have when performing a hydroponic culture are:

1. Control the amount of nutrients we give our plants:

As we are the ones in charge of giving our maries the nutrients, we will be able to control the fertilization by solving any deficiencies or excesses that they may have.

Another positive aspect is that, depending on the phase in which our plant is (growth or development), it needs some nutrients or others, so it will be as simple as removing all the water from the tank and refilling it again.

Advantages of growing marijuana in hydro

Although we think that this radical change may affect plants in a negative way, it is not true since doing this will favor their performance, accelerating the flowering process and giving the clear signal to our plants that they are reaching the final stretch and you have to tighten fully.

2. Water saving:  All the liters of water that we use with our plants will not be lost due to evaporation.

3. Use of space: If we compare it with the cultivation of land, in a hydroponic cultivation it will not be necessary so much space, so much less substrate will be needed.

Remember that the substrate indicated for Hidro can be coconut, perlite, rock wool or vermiculite.

It is much cleaner since we do not have to move the bags from one place to another so nothing will be stained and we will not carry weight.

4. Total absorption of nutrients: All the fertilizers that we give to our plants will absorb them, so we will not waste a single drop.

5. Greater growth: plants develop much stronger and grow larger.

6. Increased production: Since we can control absolutely everything with this cultivation system, achieving the ideal growth environment, production will therefore increase surprisingly.

7. Total visibility of the roots: By being able to see how the roots are, we will see if they are healthy when checking that they have a white color or, conversely, they are less healthy if their color is yellowish or even brownish.

8. Avoid the appearance of possible pests: Since we do not cultivate in soil, there is no possibility that the plants can be attacked by pests so they will grow healthy and strong from the beginning to the end.

Advantages of growing marijuana in hydro

Disadvantages of hydroponic cultivation

Although mostly growing in hydro are advantages, we also find a series of disadvantages that we cannot ignore:

1. Failures are paid: Unlike the land, which if over fertilized, has a solution thanks to the microorganisms that will favor its restoration, in hydro this does not happen since, due to the low presence of microorganisms, the error can be cadastral and can even throw lose all the crop in case of over fertilization.

2. Temperature: The ideal is to maintain a temperature between 18 and 22 degrees although they are able to withstand 26 degrees but from that temperature their metabolism begins to slow down and if we already have 35 degrees, as there is not enough oxygen the roots begin to die until they completely destroy the plant.

3. Economic cost: initially, setting up a hydroponic crop involves a much higher cost, although in the long run it compensates economically since it is not necessary to buy as many bags of land, among other things.

The experience of the cultivator is a point in his favor, since it is not a simple system with which any beginner can do with it.