27 January, 2021
How to smoke hydroponic marijuana?

How to smoke hydroponic marijuana?

There are other ways to consume Cannabis, and smoking is perhaps the most popular of all. Also the most toxic, due to the additional gases it provides.

For some years now, marijuana has started to be used again and legalized in many countries and states, which makes many people curious to use cannabis more frequently and to have the need to learn all the ways to use it, so Today we answer the question of How to smoke marijuana?

In this article you will find all the methods to consume marijuana through any method, as well as our opinion about the ways to consume it more safely and without risk.

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Blunts or joints to smoke hydroponic marijuana

This is the most widely used method today in general, it may be due to the ease since we simply need a paper (some prefer a special type) and the dry leaves to roll them up and proceed to smoke them as if it were a cigarette, coincidentally some combine them with tobacco.

When we talk about special papers we are talking about some that come from the hemp tree that have a slower combustion, just like the blunts that usually come in flavored papers that not only improve the flavor but also the smell that is usually very annoying for people around it. Although you can also use cardboard, paper, sheets, among others, it all depends on the taste of the consumer.

One of the benefits is its portability, as it can be easily stored in a pocket and made anywhere, provided there is not too much wind. However, it also has two drawbacks. The first is that it smells much stronger than other methods; The other is that to make it you need more and it can be consumed very quickly. A third consideration is that smoking is certainly not the healthiest method, healthier than tobacco or other substances, but it can become a drawback.

Bongs to smoke hydroponic marijuana

Bongs to smoke hydroponic marijuana

If you are a lover of the alternative that seems healthier, bongs are for you. These are water pipes that, believe it or not, have been used for more than three thousand years according to the researchers, not only for the consumption of marijuana but also for other drugs and medicinal plants.

The Bong is a kind of pipe but much larger, the main benefit is that it filters the smoke through the water, which makes the smoke less harsh, it also requires a small amount to consume it. However, being larger it is difficult to transport and since it needs water it is not a very practical instrument.

It is used in three simple steps, the first is to completely fill the bong with water, fill the marijuana compartment and ready you can use it. You must put your lips in the upper tube, light the marijuana with either a tinder, match or blowtorch and all that remains is to inhale the smoke.

It has the advantage that the water removes many of the toxins from the smoke, giving a smoother “smoke” and a more faithful flavor to the plant without that trace of burning. You should be aware that they can be much stronger from the psychotropic point of view, so inhale cautiously. Many specialist doctors do not recommend this method if it is your first time.

Vaporizers to smoke hydroponic marijuana

Do you want to smoke marijuana ? Well then, do not use vaporizers since by not “throwing” smoke they are not considered a way of smoking but it is a way of consuming marijuana that is widely used, especially today where you can find the size of cigarettes.

Vaporizers have become very popular lately because they are healthier than smoking cannabis. In some states in the United States where Medicinal Cannabis is legal, the vaporizer is the only method of inhalation consumption legally permitted.

Vaporizers operate at a temperature that is high enough to convert cannabinoids to steam, but low enough that it does not burn plant material. There are desktop versions, handheld versions, and, more recently, pen versions. Its portability is also very easy and practical.

Among the advantages that we can find is that it mainly does not produce combustion, which means that it does not generate toxins and is healthier for your lungs. In addition, the vast majority of this type of appliance allows you to adjust the temperature to your desire, this is a key point for those who want to use it medicinally since different results are obtained depending on the temperature.

One of the most negative points of marijuana is the smell and even if you have permission from your doctor to consume it, the people around you will always be suspicious. Vaporizers by not emitting smoke can not have much more odor than smoking.

Did you think the hookah or bongs had the fastest effect? Well, you are wrong, the effect of the vaporizers is much faster and stronger, so if you have pain that you want to avoid as soon as possible, this is the most viable alternative for you, as well as being easy to transport anywhere.


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