27 January, 2021
Hydroponic system

Hydroponic cannabis cultivation and its advantages

In this article we aims to mention some characteristics of hydroponic cultivation to later present a guide on how to make one. Of course it is a more complex procedure. However, it has notable advantages and once you understand how it works, it will not seem so —Āomplicated.

What is a hydroponic culture?

Basically, it is a method of growing marijuana and other vegetables with water. While not as traditional as growing in soil, it can provide a much higher and cleaner production.

Gerike, creator of modern hydroponics, affirms that this form of cultivation, although it seems artificial, is not an unnatural method, since it is very similar to the life of nature. In reality, growing hydroponic marijuana is “creating life in a room.”

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In hydroponics the roots directly obtain the necessary water, air and nutrients. Plants grow effortlessly, developing stronger, longer and more vigorous roots that allow them to feed themselves much more. Therefore, growth is much faster, developing very leafy plants in less time. The majority of users who have used hydroponic marijuana recognize its quality as superior compared to traditionally grown cannabis.

Advantages of hydroponic cultivation: Greater control in the amount of nutrients

Unlike regular cultivation, where the soil (perhaps enriched with certain fertilizers) is in charge of providing the nutrients, in hydroponic cultivation it is the grower who applies the nutrients, making it easier to control fertilization and solving deficiencies or excesses. Another advantage is that the plant will require different nutrients depending on its development phase. Managing the necessary nutrients is as easy as removing the water from the tank and refilling it. For a traditional grower this might seem radical. If only a change in lighting habit completely modifies the metabolism of the plant, how much more a change of nutrients. However, in hydroponics changing the water with nutrients means favoring the performance of the grass, accelerating the flowering process and giving a clear signal to our plants that they are reaching the final stretch and we must push hard. Therefore the growth is faster. Water saving The water used in hydroponic cultivation is completely used; nothing is lost by evaporation. Better use of space, less dirt Compared to traditional cultivation, a hydroponic culture does not require as much space, so much less substrate will be needed.

The ideal substrate or soil to grow hydro can be coconut, perlite, rock wool or vermiculite; much cleaner. Eliminate the hassle of moving bags of dirt, without making a mess, carrying weight or storing bags. Savings and use of nutrients The fertilizers that we provide to our plants will be completely absorbed. Not a single drop will be wasted. Increase in production With the option granted by the hydroponic growing system of being able to control everything, an optimal development environment is obtained. The production increase so surprising. Total visibility of the roots Observing the roots allows you to know their state of health. If they present a white color, they are in optimal condition; On the other hand, if they have a yellowish or even brownish color, they are not fully healthy. Avoid the appearance of possible pests By not using soil, it is impossible for plants to be attacked by pests. They will develop free of these from the beginning to the end.


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