27 January, 2021
The Effects of Hydroponic Marijuana Use on Your Body

The Effects of Hydroponic Marijuana Use on Your Body

Cannabis has many effects on the human body. Most are positive (both short and long term). However, the consumer should also be aware of certain unwanted side effects.

Apart from the important advances in legalization, it is necessary to recognize that cannabis has an impact. It is a powerful drug because it can affect many different systems that interact in the body.

The global effect of hydroponic cannabis on human health is another matter. The research on this plant is still in its infancy. That said, there are already certain proven and well-known aspects of its advantages and disadvantages.

Since not everyone consumes the drug in the same way, positive results can be achieved. Patients, for example, often have different experiences than recreational users.

Most of the mysteries surrounding cannabis will be solved with further study, although understanding of the endocannabinoid system is still far away. That is, not all the positive and negative effects of cannabinoids are yet known.

What Hydroponic Cannabis Does To Your Brain?


The short-term impact of marijuana can be both negative and positive.

On the downside, some consumers report having short-term memory problems. Episodes of anxiety and paranoia are also common. Some consumers even claim to have psychosis. It can be hallucinations and extreme fear. Other unwanted side effects could include panic attacks and visions, and some subjects experience a sense of loss of personal identity.

Cannabis can also increase heart rate. This creates an increased risk of strokes or heart attacks. It can slow down coordination. Using cannabis can also cause sexual dysfunction, especially in men.

Once this is clarified, it is also true that marijuana has very positive effects in the short term.

The first is a feeling of relaxation or euphoria. In fact, many sufferers do not report the same negative symptoms as recreational users. Multiple sclerosis patients, for example, report feeling great relief from pain and anxiety.

Marijuana acts on the cerebral amygdala, reducing the brain’s response to the threat.

Cannabis can also calm tremors and muscle spasms in the short term. When healthy people consume it, their minor aches and pains disappear quickly.

The short-term positive effects of cannabinoid consumption are numerous. Among them, a more restful rest and pain relief. Consumers also speak of a feeling of increased overall well-being. Many also claim that sporadic consumption is a great aphrodisiac.


The long-term negative effects are diverse. Consumption among teens and tweens, especially, can have a very negative impact in the future. First, it produces a reduction in IQ, especially if the fetus is exposed to cannabinoids in the womb. Consumption at an early age also seems to be associated with lower qualification. It can also lead to less learning ability and less ability to perform complex tasks.

Frequent long-term consumers also tend to feel less satisfied with their lives and are at increased risk of ” addiction “. Long-term “chronic” consumers also often experience more difficulties in their careers.

After quitting long-term abuse, many consumers experience withdrawal symptoms. For example insomnia and nervousness. They tend to disappear fairly quickly, although they can last for several months.

Other long-term negative effects may include an altered hormonal cycle, such as irregular menstruation periods. Some smokers also experience increased production of phlegm and severe cough. Withdrawal after frequent consumption can also cause negative psychological symptoms. Among them depression and irritability. At the stomach level, the effects can be manifested in appetite, abdominal pain and weight gain or loss. Long-term consumers also experience tremors and immediately afterward, sweats.

The accumulation of tars in the lungs is also a long-term negative impact of consuming this drug. However, it is reversible.

That said, there are many more long-term positive effects from consuming this plant. We can talk about things like feeling more relaxed and experiencing less anxiety. It is also usually associated with a lower Body Mass Index. Cannabis appears to stimulate the consumer’s appetite. However, frequent consumption usually results in lower BMI and waist contour values  than in the non-consuming population.

Regular consumers also often declare that they do not gain weight as fast. Cannabis use can stabilize metabolism, helping to prevent obesity and diabetes 1.

Its effects on creativity should also not be underestimated. Many people use cannabis to perform better on certain tasks. These activities often require more innovative reasoning, ideas and processes.


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