27 January, 2021

Cannabis seeds for growing

In recent years, all seed banks have for sale photo dependent feminized seeds. Most feminized ( non-autoflowering ) varieties can be used on outdoor crops, unless the manufacturer indicates otherwise.

The feminized seeds we allow a crop ensuring that our plants will be female, which are those that produce buds and interest if your purpose is to obtain marijuana for consumption,  unlike regular seeds of males and females born. Let’s see then, how to grow feminized marijuana seeds outdoors.

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Choose your feminized marijuana seeds for outdoor

Nowadays it is possible to buy quality feminized seeds, easy to grow, with which to ensure a good harvest and at very affordable prices, considering the expense of obtaining the same marijuana in a dispensary or on the black market.

Important factors to take into account when choosing your feminized seeds for your outdoor cultivation

Choose your feminized marijuana seeds for outdoor

Variety size: The feminized cannabis seeds outdoor can prove plants large and productions if you provide them good care and time to grow. Generally Sativa-dominant varieties tend to get bigger and taller than Indica-dominant varieties. If you need a discreet cultivation for example on the balcony you will have to look at the height that this variety can develop. If height and discretion are a problem, you can prune, plant a little later than normal, or plant autoflowering seeds., although the latter mentioned offer lower productions and qualities than photos dependent feminized ones.

Outdoor harvest date: The marijuana plants outdoors face pests, fungi and unfavorable environmental conditions, which is why if you harvest soon will also avoid another against unfavorable weather conditions, the insect pests and fungi end with your plants. Currently there are many fast flowering varieties, such as the famous Critical + (hybrid) and Jamaican Dream (sativa), which have been a benchmark for growers around the world when growing outdoors.

Other determining characteristics when choosing your feminized seeds

In addition to these factors, you can choose your feminized seeds for the type of effect (stimulating, relaxing, balanced,…), for its organoleptic properties (taste and aroma) and other factors such as the genetics they contain or their proportion of cannabinoids. These last factors are, however, more personal, so we recommend that you start by choosing your variety based on the size of the crop you can have and the date of harvest,  and then distinguish between other characteristics such as those mentioned in this paragraph.

How to cultivate feminized marijuana seeds outside

Below we will show you step by step how to grow photos dependent feminized marijuana plants outdoors, but not before offering you some general tips on growing outdoors.

General tips for growing marijuana outdoors

Whenever you can, use white pots or  Smart Pot pots, since in this way the roots of the plants will be cooler and the plant will feed much better. An excess of heat in the roots will make your plant consume the nutrients of the leaves, thus lowering the good appearance that your plants may have.Protect your plants from their growth phase with natural preventives such as neem oil or with insecticides and fungicides (biological or chemical) if you have any type of pest or fungus installed on any plant.Take into account the recommendations of the seed bank regarding the harvest date and nutritional needs of the variety you have chosen, this way you will get more performance.